365 Obispo Avenue
Long Beach, 90814

365 Obispo, a Sunshine 25 Rental

Here’s an exterior shot of our property at 365 Obispo. Our residents here are quite happy. See a few example apartment images. Here’s an example 1-bedroom apartment at 365 Obispo. Not all apartments look the same.

1081 Stanley Avenue
Long Beach, 90804

1081 Stanley, a Sunshine 25 Rental property

Our lovely property at 1081 Stanley is almost always full occupancy. Here are some pictures of what some of the properties look like inside, just to give you an idea of what your new home with us may look like.

1050 Temple Avenue
Long Beach, 90804

1050 Temple, a Sunshine 25 Rental Property

This is our property at 1050 Temple. It is almost always filled with happy residences. Here are some example pictures of what this property looks like on the inside. There’s no guarantee your apartment will be exactly like this, but at least this gives you a general idea.

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