Rental Application Process

The rental application process starts when a completed application is received by the rental office.

  1. All applications must be completed and signed.
  2. Each prospective occupant over the age of 18 years old must fill out an individual application. Every application of each person over 18 must be received to be considered complete.
  3. A copy of each applicant’s driver’s license or state issued identification (only if there is no driver’s license) must accompany each application.
  4. Applications can be
    • given to the person showing the apartment or
    • faxed to: Karen Greenberg at fax or
    • scanned and emailed to .
  5. We process applications as we receive them. The most qualified applicant(s) that meet the rental criteria will be accepted.
  6. Notice of acceptance will be given to the applicant by phone.
  7. The property will remain available to other applicants until an Offer to Rent form is signed and the full security deposit amount is received from the approved applicant.

Setting up an appointment to view the property

  1. To set up an appointment, please call David at .
  2. If you need further assistance, you can also call David at .

Rental Qualification Criteria

  1. A credit report will be used to help determine the most qualified applicants.
    • Applicants with evictions will be denied.
    • Credit reports with bankruptcies within the past 7 years will be denied.
    • Credit reports with a total of over $5,000 in collections, judgments, and late payments will be denied.
    • Applicants with poor but improving credit may be charged an additional deposit, not to exceed the legal limit of 2 times the base rent.
    • Applicants who are denied based on their credit report will be sent a written notice. The rental office will not send copies of credit reports to applicants. Applicants requesting copies of credit reports will need to go directly to the credit agency. Free credit reports are available directly from the credit agency, once per year, or when applicant is denied based on their credit report.
  2. All income considered must be verifiable.
    • The combined gross income of all applicants over 18 years old must be at least 3 times the rent amount to meet present and future financial obligations.
    • If income is based on employment, the employer must verify employment. 2 months of paychecks must also be provided.
    • If self employed, applicant must provide the last 3 months of the business bank statement.
    • All legitimate and legal sources of income will be considered including, but not limited to, social security, pensions and annuities, and alimony and child support.
    • Parental co-signors will be considered for applicants 25 years old and under who are attending college. Co-signors must fill out an application and meet all income and credit requirements and, if approved, sign a Guarantor (Co-Signer) Agreement.
  3. Prior rental history will be considered.
    • Applicants that have had prior problems with past landlords, rental managers, neighbors, and maintenance contractors may be denied.
    • Applicants with a history of neighborhood disruptions will be denied.
    • Applicants that have damaged past residences will be denied.
  4. Misrepresenting information or lying on the application will be cause for denial.
  5. Applicants not providing certain information, such as personal or emergency contacts, or bank account information, may be denied.

Upon approval of application, an appointment will be set up to sign the rental agreement and accompanying paperwork, do a walk-through and inventory check, and to pay the first month’s rent (or prorated amount, if residency does not begin on the first of the month). If residency begins after the 20th of the month, the prorated rent for the current month plus the full next month’s rent must be paid. Security deposit and first month rent must be paid in a money order or cashier’s check. All subsequent rent may be paid in a personal check. Cash will not be accepted.